About us

Käo Põhikool (Käo Basic School) is a private school that is created by MTÜ Inimeselt Inimesele (NGO) for students of compulsory education age. Our school is free of charge for our students.

Käo Põhikool is a school for students who have special educational needs and a recommendation by the Advisory Commitee to study by simplified national curriculum. Learning activities and educational activities are based on individual study plan which are carried out in cooperation between Käo Põhikool and Päevakeskus Käo (daycare centre Käo). School provides special needs children with an opportunity to study while receiving rehabilitation during the school day. Teaching is based on the principles of the comprehensive education.

We have different study groups based on the principles of the comprehensive education:

  • language and communication;
  • cognition and perception;
  • social relationship and group work;
  • manual activity and fine motor skills;
  • music and movement;
  • general motor skills. 

MTÜ Inimeselt Inimesele Käo Põhikool and Päevakeskus Käo follow common values and attitudes. Equivalent in the teatment of people with disabilities is very important for all the workers.

Käo Põhikool is also a school for development and innovations. We are involved in various local research initiatives and continuously work to develop our teaching methods in cooperation with Päevakeskus Käo specialists.